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San Diego Lemon Lawyer Michael R. Vachon, Esq.

Since I became a lawyer approximately 14 years ago, it has been my pleasure to represent thousands of hard-working Californians in lawsuits against car dealers, automobile manufactures, and other businesses that refused to play fair. Protecting California consumers from illegal business practices is my goal as an attorney, and my promise to each of my clients.

With regard to my legal education, I earned my second law degree, an LL.M.B. (a Master of Laws in Business and Corporate Law) at the University of San Diego, graduating with honors in May, 2001. Prior to that, I earned my first law degree in 1998 from the University of Victoria School of Law in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (the #1 rated law school in Canada for the years I attended). Thereafter, I traveled extensively in Australia, prior to moving to San Diego, California to get my Master’s Degree.