Certain Toyota, GM Models Are Being Discontinued Over Low Sales

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There are many reasons for cars of different models becoming discontinued by automakers, according to the news.

Official news agencies have reported that, in 2013, many models are being discontinued by the top automakers like Mazda, GM and Toyota. Although not all vehicles are discontinued for the same reasons, most do become obsolete if the sales are too low and the model is being replaced by others in the product lineup.

Experts say that, since the loss of marginal profit can be a problem to certain automakers, most decide to sacrifice models that are no longer popular or that may have turned into an embarrassment to the company.

According to a series of articles, Daimler decided to discontinue all five models of Maybach vehicles in June, which was six months before what the schedule had predicted because the models were simply never popular and consumers were not purchasing it.

Some other models have been discontinued due to its low sales or other issues. A recent article showed that Chrysler may have started the 2013 model year producing two minivan models, however, only one will surely survive. It will be up to the public to decide whether the Town & Country or Dodge Caravan will become more popular amongst van drivers.

GM may also be discontinuing the once-popular Chevrolet Avalanche due to the fact that the sales of these vehicles has been simply dropping considerably. GM may not see a reason to continue to produce this vehicle since the model has already been surviving as a “classic”.

Specialists say that unlike most models in the category, the crossover CX-7 manufactured by Mazda offers a minivan-like interior to its owners while being packaged in a sophisticated shell that is more aerodynamic than regular vans, however, consumers may only see the 2013 model out because most haven’t showed much interest in the mix.

Mitsubishi is another automaker that has been having a hard time with the 2012 model of the Eclipse vehicle. According to recent reports, only 601 vehicles of this model year have been sold so far, which prompted the company to discontinue its manufacturing. The reports show that by 2013, the last standing Eclipse vehicles available will be from the 2012 year make. Both the Plymouth Laser and the Eagle Talon versions, which were models that came along the Eclipse model in the early 90s, have been discontinued. Now, Eclipse also belongs to the past.

The Lexus HS 250h has also been discontinued because consumers simply felt this model was just an upgraded Prius, reports show.

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