Toyota RAV4 EV Reviewed, Reports Are In

October 11, 2012 by  
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The new all-electric Toyota RAV4 EV model has been the subject of several news articles.

According to certain reports, the new model has been reviewed by some exerts and their reports give consumers the vehicles’ specs while explaining the reason behind their belief that potential car shoppers will prefer to purchase this vehicle over other EV models.

The new RAV4 model runs only on electricity. The car has a 100 mile battery range, and its price has been considered to be reasonable, according to specialists. Buyers will also receive a $7,500 tax credit for buying the vehicle. Eligible consumers could even receive more perks for choosing to purchase this car over any other.

For more details on this new electric vehicle, read the full article here:
Toyota RAV4 EV demonstrates the potential for an electric SUV


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