Auto App Could Help Drivers With Allergies And Diabetes

October 26, 2012 by  
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Multiple news agencies have reported recently that new auto apps will be able to soon help drivers with allergies, diabetes and other health conditions.

According to a recent article, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated that about 84 percent of all motorists involved in crashes were unable to avoid the occurrence due to medical emergencies they experienced prior to the accident.

Technology could be able to help these motorists by creating a link between drivers who suffer from these conditions and medical professionals.

By connecting these motorists with asthma, allergies or diabetes with medical care, the app could alert drivers of the risk and give them suggestions on how to prevent certain conditions and episodes. Although this technology is not entirely developed, it could mean much safer roads by making drivers with potentially dangerous health conditions aware of the risks they could face while behind the wheel.

Safety has been a major issue lately, especially when it comes to car safety. Hopefully, the automobile industry will be able to come up with better ways to keep drivers safe in the future and the addition of health alert apps could also be part of this safety revolution.

For more on this new safety technology, follow the link below for the full report:

Car health apps to help drivers with diabetes, allergies


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