Avoid Heatstrokes: Do Not Leave Your Child Unattended In A Vehicle

September 12, 2012 by  
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revealed that, recently, many children have been the victims of incidents associated with heatstrokes that only occurred because the children were left unattended inside hot vehicles.

According to the federal agency, all motorists who happen to also be parents or caregivers must never forget that, by following some very simple steps, you will never risk leaving your child or the child you watch over unattended inside of your car.

Safety advocates have encouraged drivers to keep in mind that making sure to check your back seat every time you leave your car could help you to never forget about your child, especially if something in your routine changed and you forgot to drop off your kid at school. Parents are also urged to teach their little ones about the dangers of becoming entrapped inside of hot vehicles.

Teaching a child that a car is not a playground and that the inside of trunks are not places they can consider using as a hiding location could also help to prevent a heatstroke. Keeping your car’s keys out of your children’s reach will also help to avoid any accident involving your child and the inside of a hot car.

Parents must remember that if the outside temperature is in the low 80s, the inside of a parked vehicle could reach levels that are considered deadly for young children.

Leaving a child unattended inside of a car is against the law in many states so continue to be aware of your surroundings and never expose your child to a possible heatstroke by leaving them unattended inside or out of a vehicle.

For more tips from the NHTSA, click here.



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