Car And Bike Safety Addressed By Local Authorities

November 1, 2012 by  
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According to several news agencies, local residents in Evanston are asking for improvements in the local roads to see an increase in bike safety in the region.

Articles mention that a bike lane has just been completed on Church Street, which may help the city to become a more bike-friendly town for its residents.

Riders, however, feel that the creation of this bike lane is not enough and that more should be done to improve the quality of the road. The local police department has revealed that out of 2,458 car crashes, 80 involved bicyclists during the year of 2011 alone.  Drivers and riders are urged to share the road and make sure they are following traffic regulations so accidents can be prevented.

To learn more about what local authorities are doing to make roads safer for drivers and bicyclists in the region, click here for the full article.


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