Child And Car Safety Should Be Everybody’s Priority

October 8, 2012 by  
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Teaching kids about road safety and how to properly and safely use a crosswalk could save lives, is what many safety advocates have reported.

Children do not develop perception until they are 8-years-old. Any child who is 8 and under should not be allowed to cross a street or ride a bicycle to school unless accompanied by a parent, some say. The child should be led by the hand when he or she is crossing the street, which could also help to keep the number of child-related accidents down.

Older children should be reminded by their parents and teachers on a regular basis about the importance of road safety. Kids will be kids and their minds are not on cars, they are usually simply concerned with getting to their destination.

A motorist who drives absent mindedly should not drive unless alert at all times. For more safety tips, read the full article here:

Safety top of mind after two kids hit by cars on way to Broomfield schools


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