Driverless Cars Could Use Car-To-Car Communication Technology, Researchers Say

November 5, 2012 by  
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The communicative technology primarily developed by Silicon Valley companies could be employed by regular vehicles in the future, media outlets have reported.

According to the news, there’s an effort known as “connected vehicle” program that is being developed by state and federal officials to make all vehicles able to communicate with one another while traveling that could eventually make the roads much safer. This technology would eventually warn drivers of potential risks ahead, allowing motorists to slow down or take different routes to prevent accidents.

This Silicon Valley technology is being tested before the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is able to decide whether this system can be used by drivers across the country or not.

The chief of the traffic operations’ office has indicated that the research is not being taken lightly. Some believe that the integration of the autonomous car system with the communicative tool could help prevent accidents that the autonomous vehicle wouldn’t be able to detect by not scanning what is going on with the vehicles driving ahead. With the car-to-car communication system, these vehicles would be able to receive and send information about their position and the conditions of the road, allowing drivers to make better decision when it comes to the road they are taking and how they will be able to avoid an accident by choosing a safer route.

Certain autonomous technologies have already been implemented in newer car models, however, nothing available now can be compared to the driverless car system, reports show. According to a recent article, researchers from the California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology believe that before the autonomous car is available to drivers, it’s important that engineers are able to come up with a safe system that will be able to respond well to unexpected occurrences and events.

Researchers believe that before this system is ready to be available at a consumer level, a large amount of research will have to be carried out. They also believe that if combined, the autonomous car and the car-to-car communication tool could make roads much safer.

Hopefully, consumers will be able to enjoy the safety technology that automakers are developing to make vehicles and roads much safer in the future as soon as federal agents are sure the technology is reliable.

For more on how federal agents are researching this technology and how Google cars could be available soon, click here to read the full article.


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