Electric Car Batteries Researched For Safety

November 1, 2012 by  
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Multiple news agencies have indicated that a recent study claims electric car batteries are safer when it comes to fire risks than vehicles that run on gas.
According to these reports, fires caused by electric car batteries have been widely propagated, however, fires associated with battery packs designed for these vehicles proved to be safer than fires in gasoline vehicles.

DEKRA Automobil GmbH, a German group, published the results of a recent study their engineers have run on electric car battery safety. Engineers concluded that vehicles that run on lithium-ion batteries are just as safe as gasoline cars. Also, study shows that in the event of a fire, there are no liquids that could cause burning fluids to flow away from the vehicle on fire.

Safety advocates remind drivers that putting out a lithium-ion battery fire may require more additives or water.

Hopefully, automakers will be able to design safer and more reliable vehicles in the future, which will include safer batteries for electric vehicles.

For more on this study, click here for the report.


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