Federal Agents Will Be Testing Driverless Cars Soon

October 31, 2012 by  
Filed under Car Safety

A series of news reports show that federal agents are looking into how safe self-driving vehicles would actually be before the feature is made entirely available to drivers across the country.

According to some media outlets, the government’s safety official reported that autonomous vehicles have a major potential to be a great tool in making roads safer across the nation. Now, the government has started to look into launching a research that will determine whether driverless vehicles are safe and reliable to be commercialized.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is carrying out this research, reports show. The agency believes that automakers and Google should work together to perfect the technology and develop vehicles with systems that will make the life of the driver much easier without compromising safety. Consumer safety should be a major priority of automakers and engineers must test this technology extensively before federal agents are able to allow the autonomous vehicle device into the lives of Americans.

Hopefully, more safety technology will be developed in the near future to make our roads much safer and keep our motorists out of harm’s way.

For more on this federal research and how the autonomous car technology can make roads safer, click here to read the full report.


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