Highway Safety Expert To Join Google Autonomous Car Team

November 20, 2012 by  
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Multiple news agencies have been reporting that Google has decided to bring a highway traffic safety expert to the testing field to help the company to work on the driverless car system the company has been developing.

According to the recent article, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s deputy director will leave the federal agency to join the driverless car team in order to help the company to develop a safer autonomous car system.

The technology was tested by Google for more than 300,000 miles of accident-free test-driving and now, engineers and safety technicians are coming together to make this technology available to the public. The deputy director of NHTSA has claimed he’s happy to be able to help develop this system that is bound to save lives and make roads safer.

Hopefully, more safety technology will be developed and vehicles will integrate safety systems and other collision avoiding devices to ensure drivers, passengers and pedestrians will be less involved in auto accidents in the future.

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