IBC Offers Drivers Some Tips For Car Safety

October 4, 2012 by  
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For Car Safety Month, the Insurance Bureau of Canada has offered drivers some tips on how to stay safe on the roads.

Tune-ups may help a car perform better and may also help drivers to stay safe. Tires and tire pressure should be checked monthly as well, and windshields should be free of dings and cracks.

Safety advocates urge car owners to make sure the gas tank is always kept at least half full, and one should check to make sure that lights and headlights are working properly. Keeping a winter survival kit in the trunk is a good precaution, as is heeding local weather warnings about impending bad weather.

One should plan ahead, keep a road map, and consider all outcomes. For more safety tips, read the full article here:

IBC offers top 10 tips for Car Safety Month


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