In 2015, All Vehicles Could Come With Car-To-Car Technology

November 8, 2012 by  
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According to a series of news agencies and multiple auto experts, the car-to-car communication systems will be likely available in all vehicles manufactured from 2015 on, which could make roads much safer in the future.

The reports show that twelve automakers have been developing car-to-car communication systems and different communication technologies that will allow vehicles to communicate and exchange important information that could prevent accidents in the future. These automakers are part of the Car to Car Communication Consortium, experts indicate.

According to the outlets covering how the industry is dealing with this new technology, manufacturers want to make the system available to all vehicles of the 2015 model. These systems would allow vehicles to communicate with each other and offer the exchanging of data with the vehicle’s infrastructure, which would ultimately open a wide field and push automakers to come up with even more features.

Some believe that this technology will be responsible for the development of a more comfortable, safer driving experience. This technology could also push navigation systems and other features to become more advanced. Engineers say that by allowing vehicles to communicate with one another, cars will become moving sensors that will be alerting others of possible hurdles and hazards, which could eventually lead to the drop of the number of crashes and a significant increase in road safety.

Engineers are now working on the technology and how the system will process the data received by other vehicles. Developers believe that this device will help vehicles and drivers to develop quicker ways of adapting to hazardous situation and avoiding accidents.

Fuel efficiency could also be improved with the use of this technology, some experts believe. By allowing vehicles to travel more efficiently and by allowing motorists to know how to skillfully avoid traffics, motorists will have to do less of the constant braking and accelerating that most drivers are used to doing, which could ultimately save them at the pump.

Automakers are working together to come up with a system that will work well with other vehicles. Until the technology is available to all consumers, some other groundbreaking safety features are already available to drivers in the country.

Hopefully, automakers will be able to develop a system that works functionally and that will avoid accidents and keep drivers safe by increasing safety via rapid and efficient communication between vehicles on the road.

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