New Auto Technology Developed By Kia Under Review

November 14, 2012 by  
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Multiple news agencies have been covering the many safety technology advances automakers have been developing lately.

According to some of the reports, Kia has just launched a new sedan vehicle that is poised to amaze consumers. Reviews point out the new rear-wheel drive sedan offers drivers and passengers a series of safety features that may have never seen before in a vehicle produced by South Korean automakers. The new BD23,000 luxury Quoris will offer intelligent software that will keep the vehicle driving at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. The technology will also offer an automatic braking system that will stop the vehicle if the driver fails to press the brakes before colliding with another car. The vehicle will warn drivers of potential hazards as soon as its sensors are able to detect them while the vehicle is in motion. Warnings will be given to drivers via haptic, audio and visual alerts.

The new technology offered by Kia will also offer drivers the opportunity to be safer by learning more about the changing traffic conditions with the help of the car’s sensors. The radar-based Advanced Smart Cruise Control system in these vehicles will be monitoring the road and maintaining the vehicle at a safe distance at all times without the driver’s influence.

Motorists will be able to adjust the cruise control technology that will work with the vehicle’s sensor to ensure traffic conditions, speed and hazards are observed and noted by the driver.

For more on this technology and how Kia drivers will be able to drive safer cars soon, click here to read more.


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