New Safety Technology Unveiled By Honda

November 13, 2012 by  
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Several news agencies have reported that Honda has recently demonstrated how the company’s engineers have been working on making Honda vehicles safer.

According to a recent article, the company hopes to have zero collisions associated with its cars in ten years from now and with that thought in mind, the company has decided to add active safety technology to some of the newer models like the Vehicle-To-Infrastructure and the Vehicle-to-Vehicle device that will warn drivers about imminent hurdles and hazards.

Also, the automakers have been working on the Automatic Emergency Braking system that will help drivers to be able to avoid collisions if they fail to stop in time before colliding with another vehicle. Experts reported that new Honda models equipped with the new safety technology have been tested and, according to the reviews, the new technology will be able to avoid pedestrian related accidents in the future.

One of the newer technologies Honda hopes to implement in future models is the Green Wave, a technology that will improve gas mileage and will promote safety by giving drivers the proper instructions on how to drive economically.

Hopefully, more automakers like Honda will be developing their own car safety technology to prevent future accidents and keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

For more on the new Honda vehicles and how the new technology is being received by experts, click here for the full report.


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