Nissan Leaf’s New Prototype Tested, Safety Features Reviewed

October 17, 2012 by  
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Several news agencies have been looking into Nissan’s new autonomous features and, according to some reports the new features will be available for consumers of the new Nissan Leaf model.

Specialists have tested Nissan Leaf’s new prototype that is equipped with an automated braking and steering system that would sense an imminent collision promptly and trigger the vehicle’s brakes to avoid the crash. The system is known as “Autonomous Emergency Steering System” and it has been created to help to keep drivers safe and avoid accidents that would not be avoided if the driver simply attempted to stop the vehicle on their own.

The new prototype was presented to the media and a series of automotive experts in Japan. Reports show that the new system was tested with a pedestrian who suddenly stepped out on the road in front of the vehicle, which the driver failed to notice. The system kept the vehicle from running the pedestrian over by triggering the prototype system and avoiding a crash.

Specialists say that the new system integrates road rules into its software, which will keep the vehicle from simply swerving into the next lane against oncoming traffic. By sensing danger and triggering the brakes of the vehicle before the driver is able to react, engineers hope to make roads safer by avoiding accidents.

Hopefully, more safety features will be designed to endure drivers’ safety and minimize crash risks.

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