Parents Still Not Aware Of How To Safely Use Car Safety Seats

November 20, 2012 by  
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Several international news agencies have reported that, in the U.K., Alfa Romeo has paired up with Mamas & Papas to start a campaign to show parents how to safely install and use a car safety seat.

The concern associated with the increase in child deaths linked to auto accidents is being addressed by several groups all over the world. According to the news, the campaign allowed safety technicians to teach parents how to install and pick the correct fit of car safety seats for their children. The organization reported that about 61% of all parents who participated in the event did not know that restraint system models vary and that they should find the perfect fit for their vehicle and child to ensure their little ones are safe.

Parents, the organization revealed, tend to rely on advice from friends and family members and forget about looking for proper instructions on how to safely install and use their car safety seats.

Safety advocates  across the globe urge parents to learn more about car safety seats and how to properly install and take care of them in order to maximize the system’s effectiveness. Hopefully, more parents in the U.S. will learn about the importance of keeping car safety seats safe.

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