Safety Does Not Depend Exclusively On Car Safety Technology

November 12, 2012 by  
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Car safety does not depend solely on the development of car safety technology, reports show.

According to the news, motorists in California should be aware of the dangers associated with driver drowsiness during the holiday season, which could eventually lead to serious accidents. Dangers associated with driver drowsiness have led the California Highway Patrol to launch a campaign that will target drowsy drivers in the state.

During the whole week, the CHP along the National Sleep Foundation will be alerting motorists on the serious dangers associated with drowsy driving.

According to some of the campaign’s organizers, drowsy driving can happen to anybody. Motorists are urged to make sure they are not too tired to drive and to simply pull over at a safe resting area if they feel they are too sleepy to continue.

For more on this safety issue and how the CHP plans to continue to campaign against the practice, click here for the full report.


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