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According to a series of media outlets, automakers have been racing against time to come up with the most advanced safety technologies to make vehicles safer and more efficient to consumers.

However, many technological advancements can also backfire since they can pose a distracting risk to drivers, who are already extremely distracted by phones, music players, iPads, iPods, etc. Some experts believe that, in no time, vehicles will be fully equipped with systems that will also help drivers to stay focused and block outside distractions.

Due to the increasing number of technologies being added to newer models of vehicles, experts decided to rank newer cars by how technically advanced they are.

According to a recent article, some safety technology can even help drivers and car owners to obtain less costly auto insurance since vehicles equipped with certain safety devices will be less likely to be involved in auto accidents than others.

Specialists have looked into the Lexus LS 600 L, which is a vehicle that is equipped with several features like pedestrian detection, brake assist and even parking guidance. This model can be one of the cars available today that is less likely to be involved in an accident, experts say. However, specialists believe that the Lexus LS 600 L may not help car owners when it comes to saving in auto insurance.

Another vehicle that was reviewed by experts for its technological safety features is the new Dodge Dart. This new model may be a good alternative for drivers who enjoy the Lexus model but are not willing to pay too much for it. According to the specialists, this new model comes with efficiency and safety features that may make this one of the safest vehicles around. Experts warn consumers that these vehicles were designed to appeal to a young audience, which caused engineers to develop a touchscreen that may end up being distracting to some.

The new Cadillac ATS is also a new vehicle fully equipped with efficiency and safety features poised to impress consumers. This new model is equipped with a responsive engine, quick suspension and multiple safety features. The vehicle also comes with a touchscreen that may also be operated by voice commands, which could make this system much safer than other systems.

Prius has made its mark by being one of the most popular hybrid vehicles available today, but it’s also one of the safest, according to specialists. The new Prius model comes with backup cameras, handling assistance, and even object and hazard detection technology. Drivers who are earth lovers and hope to stay safe while behind the wheel should definitely look into purchasing this model.

Specialists have also reviewed Google’s Driverless Car and, as a result of the research, they have reported that this will eventually be the safest model of all since it’s perfectly able to drive itself and operate in the most varied of situations while preventing accidents and adapting to several road conditions.

The safety technology built into the driverless car system could redefine how vehicles will be manufactured in the future.

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