Study Shows Most Parents Are Unaware Of How To Safely Install Car Seats

November 12, 2012 by  
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According to a series of news articles, nearly three-quarters of American parents are regularly risking the lives of their children due to the incorrect use of car safety seats.

The reports show that unsafe seats are being used regularly because of misinformation. According to safety advocates, a recent survey showed that 124 out of 173 car safety seats inspected could potentially fail in the occasion of an accident. Because certain seats are not properly fitted or devices are simply not installed correctly, children are put at risk of being ejected in the event of an accident.

Parents are urged to follow the instructions of car safety seat safety manuals and ensure they are purchasing the right model for their child’s height and weight.

To learn more about the dangers certain unfitted or incorrectly installed car safety seats can pose, click here to read the full report.


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