The Best Vehicle Models For Students

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Concerns with safety often come into play when parents are thinking about purchasing a vehicle to their teens and young adults. However, other features are on the teen’s mind and unfortunately, they have nothing to do with safety.

Experts have decided to come together and look into the most popular vehicles available today by checking consumers’ reports and complaints to come up with a list of the best, most affordable and safest vehicles to teens and college students.

According to the reports, the new Jetta model has been ranked as one of the most reliable and affordable sedans available in the market today, which could make parents and students extremely comfortable about choosing this vehicle over others. However, specialists say that in spite of the fact mentioned previously, this vehicle could feel somewhat outdated if compared to its competitors.

Another vehicle that is very popular amongst young drivers is the new Mazda 3. This new vehicle is a safe bet since it’s fuel efficient and dynamic. Its looks will also satisfy young drivers who are looking into purchasing a ride that will impress friends.

Experts have also rated the 2012 Hyundai Elantra as one of the best vehicles for students in America today. The reason for that is that this new model is equipped with a great variety of standard features, which just adds to the fact the vehicle is also fuel efficient. The 2012 model of the Hyundai Elantra is also stylish and highly regarded as a top pick in the small sedan category.

The popular Ford Focus has also made its way into the list of best cars for students. According to experts, the world-class small car from Ford is a safe and affordable bet for any driver who’s willing to purchase a vehicle from a Detroit label. On top of the models mentioned, the new Hyundai Veloster could also be a great option since the vehicle offers plenty of features to its owners. The Veloster is also a car that could help students to save at the pump and its sharp looks will surely satisfy most drivers.

The Honda Fit, Subaru Impreza, Chevy Cruze, Ford Fiesta and Kia Soul have also make the top list of vehicles for students. According to the experts, these models are good economy cars that will give any young driver enough reasons to celebrate.

The Toyota Yaris and the Mazda 2 have also made the list, however, some believe that other vehicles in the small hatchback category could offer more in terms of practicability and quality.

For the entire list, click here for the full report.


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