The Importance Of The 5-Star Safety Ratings

November 6, 2012 by  
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According to several experts, the 5-star safety rating system was created in 1978 to ensure drivers were aware of the risks they could be facing if they were to purchase a vehicle that had been considered to be safe by federal agents.

Since then, crash rating results were used by consumers to learn more about how likely they would be of becoming injured in the event of an accident. Side crash testings were added in 1997 and rollover assessments were added in 2001. According to experts, manufacturers have been encouraged to produce safer and more reliable vehicles since the safety testings were implemented.

Consumers have the information they need to research vehicles and find out more about how well they rate and how safe their options are before they actually opt for one model.

In 2011, reports show that tougher tests were implemented to test new models and their makers’ new crash avoidance technologies. Experts urge consumers to keep in mind that frontal crash and overall vehicle score ratings should only be compared to other models from the same segment, which are the same weight and size of the model you’re researching.

Consumers are urged to always research safety ratings and other details before setting their mind on one specific  model.

For more on the 5-star safety rating system, click here for the full article.


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