Tips On How To Survive A Tire Blowout

November 9, 2012 by  
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According to a series of reports, experts urge drivers to beware of certain dangers they may face while driving and encourage them to learn exactly how to deal with these emergencies when they happen to experience them.

One of the most dangerous emergencies drivers may have to deal with is a tire blowout. Experts say that, in most cases, drivers try to stop or swerve the vehicle abruptly when he or she notices the shotgun-blast.

According to the tips of one specialist, drivers must remember that the most important thing a driver must do if a tire blows out is to continue driving straight ahead while pushing the accelerator. After the tire burst, drivers must squeeze the accelerator pedal for a couple of seconds, which will automatically put the motorist in control of the vehicle, in spite of the blown out tire. Direct the vehicle down the road and avoid braking and swerving the vehicle to get out of the road. After a couple of seconds, gently take your foot off the gas pedal and notice how the flat tire will keep your vehicle from going faster. As soon as the vehicle starts to slow down, keep your feet away from the brake. As soon as the vehicle starts to travel at safe speeds such as 30 mph, engage your turn signal and slowly and smoothly turn the wheel toward the shoulder of the road. Never turn before the vehicle achieved this mileage and never drive off your lane while you have your foot on the gas pedal. Most accidents associated with blown tires happen because the driver attempted to turn right after the tire blew out, experts indicated.

Specialists urge drivers to never let their tires under inflated. By checking your tire pressure at all times, you avoid accidents that may occur because of a possible tread separation.

By maintaining your vehicle and keeping up with preventive repairs and the air pressure in your tires, you will avoid accidents that could turn out to be fatal.
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