Toyota Launches Safe Teen Driving Educational Project

November 2, 2012 by  
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Recent articles have indicated that Toyota has launched a new initiative to help teens to drive safely.

According to the reports, a national driver safety program named The Road Ahead will be implemented in high schools to teach Southern California teens how to safely operate their vehicles by following traffic safety rules and avoid possible distractions that could eventually pose crash risks.

According to the company, the program will feature a series of live presentations including a distracted driving demonstration that hopes to teach teens just how dangerous distractions can be.

About 6,000 teen drivers in California will benefit from this program by participating in the events Toyota is making available to High Schools in the region.

The original teen driver program organized by Toyota known as Toyota Driving Expectations is expected to be expanded, which could cover more regions and teach more young drivers about safe and defensive driving, which could help to make roads across the country much safer for everybody.

Safety advocates urge teens to participate in this event. Hopefully, more automakers will begin to engage in educational projects.

For more on this event and how to have your teen participate in the educational program, click here for the full report.


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