VW Unveils 2013 Beetle Model

October 30, 2012 by  
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According to several reviews, the new Volkswagen Beetle is being tested by experts who seem to have a soft spot for this old-time favorite.

One reviewer indicated that the new Volkswagen Beetle model lives up to expectations of drivers who are familiar with the quality the VW Beetle is known for. This new model has been redesigned to become a more stylish option and fully equipped with a turbo engine that offers drivers great fuel economy without undermining the vehicle’s engine capacity.

This new model comes with plenty of high-tech features and an interior that will please the most demanding of consumers.

In spite of the great qualities of this new model, the 2013 Beetle could be somewhat more expensive than other hatchbacks.

For the entire review and more details on this new model, follow this link for the full article.


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