2014 Ford Mustang Gets Reviewed

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According to a series of news agencies, the 2014 Ford Mustang could be the perfect vehicle for a driver looking for a powerful and reliable ride that is also stylish and valuable.

Experts believe that out of all muscle cars available today, the new Mustang could be the most reliable. Its strong V6 or V8 engines are competent. The car’s handling should impress even the more skeptical of drivers. According to experts, this new model has been redesigned to provide drivers an important performance enhancement.

Despite the few changes, the new Mustang is a great option for most muscle car enthusiasts out there. Click here for the full review.

New Hyundai Azera Car Under Review

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Hyundai has recently unveiled the new Azera model and according to the news, this new version has been updated with a more edgy and luxurious design.

This new model is equipped with plenty of basic features and offers drivers the opportunity to drive a spacious and capable vehicle that is also potent and comfortable, in spite of the interior plastics that may feel somewhat inferior than the interior material in previous models.

According to experts, some consumers may enjoy the extended warranty coverage Hyundai offers consumers who choose to purchase this vehicle.

For the entire review, click here to read the full report.

New Safety Technology Unveiled By Honda

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Several news agencies have reported that Honda has recently demonstrated how the company’s engineers have been working on making Honda vehicles safer.

According to a recent article, the company hopes to have zero collisions associated with its cars in ten years from now and with that thought in mind, the company has decided to add active safety technology to some of the newer models like the Vehicle-To-Infrastructure and the Vehicle-to-Vehicle device that will warn drivers about imminent hurdles and hazards.

Also, the automakers have been working on the Automatic Emergency Braking system that will help drivers to be able to avoid collisions if they fail to stop in time before colliding with another vehicle. Experts reported that new Honda models equipped with the new safety technology have been tested and, according to the reviews, the new technology will be able to avoid pedestrian related accidents in the future.

One of the newer technologies Honda hopes to implement in future models is the Green Wave, a technology that will improve gas mileage and will promote safety by giving drivers the proper instructions on how to drive economically.

Hopefully, more automakers like Honda will be developing their own car safety technology to prevent future accidents and keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

For more on the new Honda vehicles and how the new technology is being received by experts, click here for the full report.

Consumers Rate The 2008 Toyota Avalon

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Some consumers may prefer to look into purchasing used vehicles instead of venturing into the new auto market.

For those who enjoy to read some recent reviews regarding used cars, we decided to report that consumers have been rating the 2008 model of the Toyota Avalon as one of the best vehicles to purchase, according to some publications.

This model, according to the report, get the best review from consumers on all categories including performance, safety, comfort, exterior styling, true value and reliability.

This research showed that the model beat the 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe and the 2012 Volkswagen CC. Consumers also wrote reviews on the cars they were rating, which could be useful to those who are looking into learning more about certain used cars they would like to purchase.

For more on this review, click here for more details.

2013 Sonic Tested By Experts

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Chevrolet has released the new Sonic model and, according to the news, the new vehicle is one of the most powerful subcompacts available.

According to a particular review, the 2013 Sonic models come with features that have been considered to be of a great quality, especially if you compare to other subcompacts and the features they offer. This new model has also been redesigned to offer occupants space and comfort while its turbocharged engine allows the vehicle to be fuel efficient and fast.

If you’re interested in the new Sonic, read the full review here:

2013 Chevrolet Sonic

Cars That Drive Themselves Could Be A Reality

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Many media outlets have been covering the new autonomous car system that Google has come up with recently. According to these media outlets, the company is now testing the device that should be available to consumers in the near future.

Reports show that the system as been throughly tested by programmers and that some updates are being added to the device. After that, it will be just a matter of time before we see these vehicles traveling down the road.

Engineers say that in the vehicle, there will be a touch screen that drivers would use to keep in contact with the vehicle’s computer.

For more details on this autonomous car system, read the full article here:
Could cars drive themselves?

Some Used Cars Should Be Avoided, Here’s The List

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Some experts have revealed that some consumers haven’t been able to purchase newer vehicles because of the prices that range from $20,000 and $30,000, which are prices that are not easily manageable, especially if you are a cash-strapped motorist.

Consumers often choose to look into purchasing a pre-owned vehicle to find a car that is moderately equipped, however, used car prices continue to be near record-high levels as a result of the fact that there is a short supply of pre-owned vehicles available in the market. Consumers feel that, to purchase a new and functional car, they must often rely on what car sellers promise, which could be misleading, since some cars age better or worse than others.

Because of that reality, some experts have come together to gather information on most models and their reliability status, safety ratings, consumer complaints and resale values to make a list of used cars for model year 2008 and 2009. According to specialists, the list includes the BMW X5, the Cadillac STS, the Chevrolet Aveo and Colorado and the GMC Canyon.

Reports show that the BMW X5 must be avoided primarily because this model was reported to have a worse than average reliability rating. Keeping up with regular maintenance when it comes to the 2008 and 2009 X5 could be too costly and would simply not justify the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle in the first place. Some of these vehicles have been reportedly problematic when it comes to the body hardware, fuel system and power equipment, which could all add up to a very expensive repair bill.

Another car to avoid is the Cadillac STS, according to specialists. Reports show that this model was discontinued after the 2010 model and one of the reasons behind this was that this model can turn out to be quite costly to be repaired.

These vehicles have presented issues with its electrical and braking systems, which could lead to expensive maintenance repairs and parts replacements.

When it comes to compact, the Chevy Aveo models may be among the models with the lowest scores when it comes to consumer satisfaction. These vehicles feel cramped and according to the Consumer Reports and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, this model received an ‘acceptable’ side-impact score in crash tests.

Other vehicles to avoid are the Colorado and Canyon, which remain near the bottom of the pack if you’re looking into quality and performance. The 2008 and 2009 models of these vehicles may suffer extensive wear and may not be as reliable currently because drivers may have exceeded the vehicle’s payload capabilities in the past, which could hurt the car’s transmission and lead to an issue with these trucks’ engine.

Some of the other vehicles that should be avoided include the Chrysler Sebring and Town & Country, the Dodge Avenger and Grand Caravan.

For more details on this list, click here for the full story.

Tire Test Reveals Best All-Season Performers

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As the weather changes, some people believe that their tires should change as well. Tire testing has been completed for 78 different types of tires, according to the news and the reports for these different types of tires have been published so customers can be aware of the models’ main differences.

These reports come from several reliable companies such as Goodyear Assurance Triple Tred and Michelin Defender. Experts urge car owners to research tires before purchasing them. Consumers should look into the specific tire information for your vehicle that is posted on the inside front door panel before looking for new tires.

You should plan ahead and only purchase tires that are appropriate for different weather conditions and are perfect fit for your type of car. Specialists urge consumers to not wait until the last minute to change your tires when needed.

For more details, read the full article here:
Largest-ever family car tire test reveals best all-season, winter performers

2013 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Tested, Reviews Are In

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Multiple reports have demonstrated that the 2013 Mazda CX-5 has a new underlying chassis that is different from all previous Mazda vehicles.

According to some experts, this new design is called “Kodo,” which adds a sports car feel to a compact vehicle. It comes equipped with a 2.0 liter, four cylinder engine, and front wheel drive. The Mazda CX-5 offers an impressive 0-60 mph time of 9.0 seconds for a small vehicles.

Consumers don’t need to spend too much money with the fancy package to purchase a well-rounded vehicle.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2013 Mazda CX-5, read the full article here:
2013 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Road Test

2013 Version Of Ford Escape SE Is Road Tested

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Ford is releasing a brand new Escape model in 2013 to serve as a rival of Honda’s CRV and Toyota’s Rav4.

According to the news, the features in this new model include plenty of interior space, three four cylinder engine choices and a fancy exterior  finish that is fully equipped with streamlined roof, belt lines and an even bigger grille than its predecessor.

According to experts who have tested this new model, this new model was also designed to be sportier as well.

For more details, read the full article here:
2013 Ford Escape SE 1.6 EcoBoost First Drive

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