Nissan’s New Technology Could Take Over The Wheel

October 22, 2012 by  
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Multiple news agencies reported that Nissan’s new technology could take over the wheel if it senses the driver is in danger.

According to recent reports, Nissan has issued a video that demonstrates how its new system works and according to specialists, the Autonomous Emergency Steering System uses the help of sensors, cameras, lasers and other technologies to spot objects, other vehicles or pedestrians around the vehicle. This system can then take the steering of the vehicle away from the driver if the motorist fails to recognize the danger and safely react to avoid collisions.

Automated braking systems have been added to several vehicles across Japan and Europe and now, this autonomous system is being tested. According to the automaker Nissan, vehicles can be steered to safety to prevent a crash. The vehicles that, in the future, will come equipped with these systems will have warning systems that will beep every time the vehicle is about to collide with an object, pedestrian or another vehicle. If the driver fails to react in time, the system will sense what is the safe way to go and drive into an open lane to keep your car from crashing.

Although tests are still being performed, many specialists believe this is a great opportunity to increase road safety and make safer vehicles.

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