Autonomous Car Technology Being Tested By Federal Agency

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According to a series of news agencies, the government and other traffic safety agencies are now looking into testing the autonomous car technology in order to determine whether the system will be safe for consumer use.

At this moment, the federal agency National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reporting that it firmly believes that this technology will revolutionize the way individuals commute, which could eventually make roads safer by avoiding accidents caused by driver error.

For more on how the NHTSA is investigating this technology, click here for the full article.

Highway Safety Expert To Join Google Autonomous Car Team

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Multiple news agencies have been reporting that Google has decided to bring a highway traffic safety expert to the testing field to help the company to work on the driverless car system the company has been developing.

According to the recent article, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s deputy director will leave the federal agency to join the driverless car team in order to help the company to develop a safer autonomous car system.

The technology was tested by Google for more than 300,000 miles of accident-free test-driving and now, engineers and safety technicians are coming together to make this technology available to the public. The deputy director of NHTSA has claimed he’s happy to be able to help develop this system that is bound to save lives and make roads safer.

Hopefully, more safety technology will be developed and vehicles will integrate safety systems and other collision avoiding devices to ensure drivers, passengers and pedestrians will be less involved in auto accidents in the future.

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Autonomous Vehicles Closer To Revolutionize Our Driving Experience

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According to several news agencies, the autonomous car is closer to become a reality than ever before.

Google has recently unveiled the results of over 300,000 mile tests that showed the vehicle was able to avoid crashes while the driverless car system was being used. The company claimed that one mishap the autonomous vehicles was involved in was reported, however, it only happened because a human driver was at the wheel.

Reports show that the customized Priuses used in the driverless car tests were equipped with radars, GPS systems and even a 3-D camera that is designed to map the road. Traffic signals, pedestrians and even road lanes are captured in real time by these cameras and the information received by these devices is translated into data that is read and understood by the technology in order to keep the vehicle traveling safely.

Now, reports show that Google is not the only company testing this technology. Four other driverless electric vans were tested in 2010 as a result of the VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge.

This test put the driverless vans under a 8,077-mile drive that turned out successful.

News agencies have indicated that, last month, California was declared the third state in the country to make the practice of occupying a driverless vehicle legal.

The law, however, will only allow a driverless vehicle to be operated if the driver is sitting behind the wheel ready to take over. Nissan has also reported being involved in a test of self-driving prototypes, which involved Nissan Leaf vehicles. The automaker is confident that these self-driving models will be available in 2015. Other companies like Ford, GM, Toyota and BMW are also experimenting with the technology and developing their own system to make vehicles autonomous.

One of the main issues with making this technology available to consumers is its high cost, says the director of the George Washington University’s Transportation Safety and Security Program. According to his statement, in 10 or 15 years chances are that this technology will be used more often exactly because the cost is poised to go down.

At this point, some believe that what companies and lawmakers haven’t taken into account was how this technology may impact the market. Some believe that the autonomous vehicle may alter how industries function. Auto insurance companies and transport companies will be affected and so will steel fabricators, since the vehicles will be considered to be safer, they may not be manufactured with the same materials, which could be one way the industry will find to make these vehicles cheaper to consumers everywhere.

The MIT Media Lab has issued a report indicating that the use of autonomous vehicles may help to improve fuel efficiency, which will also have its own impact on the economy.

For more on how this new technology can improve productivity and help drivers to stay safe while saving at the pump, follow this link to read more.

Driverless Cars Could Use Car-To-Car Communication Technology, Researchers Say

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The communicative technology primarily developed by Silicon Valley companies could be employed by regular vehicles in the future, media outlets have reported.

According to the news, there’s an effort known as “connected vehicle” program that is being developed by state and federal officials to make all vehicles able to communicate with one another while traveling that could eventually make the roads much safer. This technology would eventually warn drivers of potential risks ahead, allowing motorists to slow down or take different routes to prevent accidents.

This Silicon Valley technology is being tested before the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is able to decide whether this system can be used by drivers across the country or not.

The chief of the traffic operations’ office has indicated that the research is not being taken lightly. Some believe that the integration of the autonomous car system with the communicative tool could help prevent accidents that the autonomous vehicle wouldn’t be able to detect by not scanning what is going on with the vehicles driving ahead. With the car-to-car communication system, these vehicles would be able to receive and send information about their position and the conditions of the road, allowing drivers to make better decision when it comes to the road they are taking and how they will be able to avoid an accident by choosing a safer route.

Certain autonomous technologies have already been implemented in newer car models, however, nothing available now can be compared to the driverless car system, reports show. According to a recent article, researchers from the California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology believe that before the autonomous car is available to drivers, it’s important that engineers are able to come up with a safe system that will be able to respond well to unexpected occurrences and events.

Researchers believe that before this system is ready to be available at a consumer level, a large amount of research will have to be carried out. They also believe that if combined, the autonomous car and the car-to-car communication tool could make roads much safer.

Hopefully, consumers will be able to enjoy the safety technology that automakers are developing to make vehicles and roads much safer in the future as soon as federal agents are sure the technology is reliable.

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Self-Driving Car Bill Recently Signed By CA Governor

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The Governor of California has just signed a new law, which legalizes driverless cars. The event happened at Google headquarters and according to the news, the autonomous car supporters couldn’t be happier.

The Law S. 1298, was approved unanimously by the California State Senate in May, according to the news. The bill allows drivers to use self-driving vehicle on California roads. According to the reports, only those who are licensed to do so are allowed to own the driverless vehicles.

The autonomous car cannot be operated on public roads until approved by the DMV. Google has strongly pushed for this law and its engineers hope to see the autonomous car system available to consumers soon.

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Calif. Governor to Sign Self-Driving Car Bill at Google Headquarters

Cars That Drive Themselves Could Be A Reality

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Many media outlets have been covering the new autonomous car system that Google has come up with recently. According to these media outlets, the company is now testing the device that should be available to consumers in the near future.

Reports show that the system as been throughly tested by programmers and that some updates are being added to the device. After that, it will be just a matter of time before we see these vehicles traveling down the road.

Engineers say that in the vehicle, there will be a touch screen that drivers would use to keep in contact with the vehicle’s computer.

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Could Financing Problems Risk The Future Of The Autonomous Car System?

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According to a series of news agencies, in 2010, Google announced a vehicle program that would work as an autonomous driving system.

Now, some are asking whether or not the company will make money off of the driverless car system or not. The company makes most of their money, which is 96 percent, according to the news, from advertising. The problem that Google is having is that although they have 42 percent more ads clicked on this year than last, the cost per click has fallen and they have lost 16 percent of their revenue.

This issue could represent a risk with the future of the researchers associated with the autonomous car system. For more on this subject, read the full article here:
Will Google Make Money Off the Self-Driving Car?

Self-Driving Cars Could Be Available Soon

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Self-driving cars have been a persistent idea hovering about the minds of car makers for 70 years and, according to the news, Google has reportedly proven that autonomous cars can be real.

Some convincing tests performed by these autonomous vehicles have been reviewed and the results are promising. The question now is whether or not the market is ready for this concept and whether or not drivers will want to surrender the wheel and allow a self-driving car to take over.

There are many advantages to self driving cars: greater safety, fuel economy and military endeavors. According to the news, these cars could be ready by 2025.

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Here Come Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous Cars Turning Into Reality

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Car safety has been a top priority of auto makers for a very long time. Ultimately, the modern automobile suffers certain damage due to human distractions and other factors that could be prevented if the driver were entirely focused on simply driving.

Because of that, engineers decided to dedicate themselves on coming up with autonomous cars, which is a reality that is now closer to us than ever. Through active and passive systems, auto makers are accounting for cars still driven by people and are slowly beginning to integrate autonomous cars into the picture.

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