Honda Recalls Motorcycles Over Loss In Propulsion

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Honda has recently issued a recall statement regarding its 2012 models of NC700XDC and NC700XC motorcycles. According to the official recall announcement, these vehicles were manufactured with drive chains that may have been equipped with improperly heat-treated outer drive plates.

If these plates are not properly heat-treated, these components may fracture unexpectedly, which could lead to a loss in propulsion, which would then increase the risk of an accident.

To stay safe and keep others safe, the company along the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has requested consumers who have been affected by this recall to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

For more on this recall, click here.

Safety Should Be An Important Factor In Any Vehicle Research

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Potential car buyers should know that safety should be one of their top priorities while looking into purchasing the perfect vehicle.

According to the news, safety advocates usually encourage consumers to research vehicles by also checking their safety ratings and taking into consideration the safety history of certain brands before deciding on one model. Many experts analyze trends related to safety reports and consumer vehicle complaints to achieve a reliable listing of vehicles that are safer and ultimately, more valuable than others due to their overall safety score.

To help consumers to make a well-informed decision, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has implemented an Office of Defects Investigation to look into possible issues associated with certain automakers.

This subgroup, according to the news,  accepts consumer complaints with the help of an online form. The complaints are then reviewed by a highly skilled staff to determine if an investigation is required. While the federal agency reviews this data, other expert websites also review the submitted data to make a more comprehensive analysis.

According to the news, certain complaints are processed with indifference because of an inconsistency related to the manner in which consumers complain about their vehicles. To prevent issues with certain vehicles in the future and maintain high standards in motor vehicle safety, some other agencies decided to use this data and gather information on certain vehicles that could pose serious threats to consumers and that are not being recalled or questioned because the complaints are not being carefully reviewed.

One of the news organizations looking into this issue has organized the complaints in unique categories, which will help investigators to look into the diverse issues associated with the different models of vehicles being reviewed. Hopefully, this will also help consumers to learn more about the models they are interested in purchasing by being aware of the complaints gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and reported by consumers.

Experts say that the best way to learn more about a vehicle is from listening to those who own the cars they are looking into purchasing.

According to the reports issued during the month of August, consumers have reported more complaints associated to General Motors vehicles than any other automaker.

For more on the complaints report from the month of August, read the full article below and learn more about the new vehicles available. NHTSA Complaints Activity Report


2013 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Tested, Reviews Are In

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Multiple reports have demonstrated that the 2013 Mazda CX-5 has a new underlying chassis that is different from all previous Mazda vehicles.

According to some experts, this new design is called “Kodo,” which adds a sports car feel to a compact vehicle. It comes equipped with a 2.0 liter, four cylinder engine, and front wheel drive. The Mazda CX-5 offers an impressive 0-60 mph time of 9.0 seconds for a small vehicles.

Consumers don’t need to spend too much money with the fancy package to purchase a well-rounded vehicle.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2013 Mazda CX-5, read the full article here:
2013 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Road Test

More Models Are Put To The 40-MPG Challenge

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Fuel economy is becoming increasingly important with the rise in gas prices soaring to all time highs, according to many articles.

The forty mile per gallon challenge is slowly opening itself up to more contenders. Just five years ago, there were only three cars that could make that trek and now, the playing field has expanded to twenty four different vehicles. Experts, however, believe that there are many vehicles that are advertised as being able to get 40 mpg but that cannot deliver when the time has come.

Because of that, specialists are testing the vehicles that promise 40 mpg and, according to the official reports, the results were quite disappointing.

The cars that were actually able to deliver the 40 mpg promise include the Chevrolet Sonic, the Hyundai Veloster, the Kia Rio 5, the Mazda 3i, the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Passat TDI. Amongst the most fuel efficient, the Passat TDI, the Mazda and the Focus are the models that have gone beyond what was promised.

Experts believe that these often affordable models of vehicles are less costly and fuel efficient precisely because they are aimed at the public that is struggling the most with the rising costs of gas. Experts say that out of all the fuel-efficient vehicles, the Chevy Sonic is one of the most fun-to-drive rides due to its lively handling.

Specialists also reported that the Veloster is the funkiest and the Mazda 3i is considered one of the vehicles with the most  eager driving dynamics of all fuel efficient models that are not hybrids.

Experts tested all of these vehicles by driving each one of them from Fontana, California, to Las Vegas through the Death Valley and they have arrived at the conclusion that, in the real world, all of the vehicles mentioned previously are able to achieve the 40 mpg mark without a problem, however, experts point out that because all of these models achieved the same overall fuel economy, it may not mean that all models are equally fuel-efficient. Specialists claim that these vehicles could experience different results if they are tested in different roads and conditions.

If you are looking into purchasing one of these vehicles and you’re still unsure about which model will save you the most yearly at the pump, experts advise you to compare their detailed report on the tests they have performed with each vehicle. By first defining exactly what type of general fuel economy you’re looking for in a car, you will be able to find a vehicle that meets your needs.

For the full list and test results, read the full article here:
The 40-MPG Challenge

Redesigned 2014 Ford Transit Connect Reviewed

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Set for sale in the United States in late 2013, the new Ford Transit is looking better than ever, some experts say.

The once traditional boxy cargo van has received a whole new face-lift, with a front end similar to the newer Focus and the fun Fiesta models. Ford did not stop with just revamping the exterior, the company decided to also take the time to work the inside of the vehicle by adding new technology and driver assistant goodies as well.

For more details on this new model, read the full article here:
Redesigned 2014 Ford Transit Connect van keeps the utility, adds style

Road Motors Reaches Settlement With San Diego Lemon Law Attorney

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The San Diego lemon law lawyer who publishes this blog is pleased to announce that the parties to the lawsuit Wiltse v. Road Motors (San Diego County Superior Court Case No. 37-2010-00072138) have reached a settlement. The San Diego County Superior Court’s decision to reconsider its April 15, 2011 arbitration ruling (which required the parties to argue their claims in arbitration, rather than in court) sparked the settlement. Once the reconsideration motion was scheduled, the defendants Road Motors and Credit Acceptance Corporation agreed to a settle with the Plaintiff and his San Diego, CA lemon law lawyer.

Located in Spring Valley, California, Road Motors is a San Diego County used car dealership. Road Motors’s co-defendant, Credit Acceptance Corporation, lends and finances loans for vehicle purchases. Road Motors assigned Plaintiff Daniel Wiltse’s vehicle purchase contract to Credit Acceptance Corporation.

Complaint in Road Motors Lawsuit Contained Allegations of Fraud & Violation of the California Lemon Law

Plaintiff Daniel Wiltse, a car buyer from San Diego, CA, alleged that Road Motors sold him a used Mercedes-Benz, and that Road Motors falsified the down payment amounts in his automobile purchase contract. Mr. Wiltse’s San Diego lemon law attorney alleged in the complaint that falsifying purchase contract amounts is a violation of California’s consumer protection statutes, including the Automobile Sales Finance Act. Mr. Wiltse’s attorney further alleged that the Mercedes-Benz turned out to be unsafe and inoperable, and that this amounted to a breach of the implied warranty of merchantability under the lemon law in California. Lastly, the complaint alleged that Road Motors, by not disclosing that the Mercedes-Benz had been in a previous accident, violated the Consumers Legal Remedies Act and committed common law fraud. Cases involving previously wrecked vehicles are a common type of auto fraud prosecuted by Mr. Wiltse’s lemon law lawyer in San Diego County. Selling previously wrecked vehicles without disclosing known accident damage is not expressly prohibited by the lemon law in California; however, it may still violate California’s other consumer protection laws.

Please note: Road Motors and Credit Acceptance Corporation denied all liability during the lawsuit, and claimed that no wrongdoing was committed. Further, the settlement agreement included no admissions of liability or wrongful conduct.

Road Motors Required to Take Back Mercedes-Benz Per Terms of the Settlement

All of the parties to the Road Motors settlement agreed that the settlement’s financial terms would be private and kept confidential. However, the settlement (as negotiated by Mr. Wiltse’s San Diego lemon law attorney) required that Road Motors take back the allegedly defective Mercedes-Benz.

Other Road Motors Customers Qualify for Free Consultation with San Diego Lemon Law Attorney

San Diego, California lemon law attorney Michael R. Vachon, Esq. offers advice to Road Motors customers regarding the California lemon law’s rules. We are experts in litigating California lemon law and auto fraud lawsuits, and consultations for Road Motors customers are always FREE!! Contact the Law Office of Michael R. Vachon, Esq. at (858) 674-4100 for your free CA lemon law consultation with an expert San Diego lemon law attorney.

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