Keep Your Teen Safe By Purchasing A Safe Vehicle

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It might be possible to reduce the numbers of deadly crashes involving teenagers on the road by around 70%, reports show.

The NZ Transport Agency is trying to get parents of teenage drivers to choose the safest car that they can for their children, which could help to decrease the number of deadly auto crashes and make roads safer for all drivers.

Cars that earn four and five star ratings are the best options for young drivers who are still not aware of the dangers they could face while driving. Reports show that many cars that actually earn these high safety ratings can be quite affordable.

For more on how to keep your teen safe, read the full article here:
Safe cars could save lives

Consumer Reports Urges Parents To Buy Safer Cars For Their Teens

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The danger teen drivers may face while behind the wheel can be a parent’s worst nightmare.

Because of that problem, Consumer Reports decided to come up with a list of a series of tips that will help parents who are concerned about their children’s behavior and well-being while behind the wheel.

To prevent accidents and ease some of that tension, experts came up with a 10-tip list that gathers information on ways that parents can ease their children into the transition from passenger to driver. Among the items on the list are buckling up, hanging up the phone and potentially limiting night driving.

Some of the most pertinent ways parents can get to teach their young drivers how to let go of bad habits and focus on driving includes showing teens that the results of distractions and recklessness can be deadly by reinforcing the idea that, in spite of past habits, driving should be the only thing a motorist does behind the wheel.

Parents must reinforce the importance of keeping their teens away from their phones while they are behind the wheel amongst other things like avoiding to go beyond the speed limit and never engaging in intoxicated driving.

Experts also encourage parents to watch the weather and to avoid night driving, since teens tend to be drowsy during the evenings, which could lead to accidents. Purchasing vehicles with great safety ratings and updated safety features can also be a great way to keep your teen driver safe, but parents should not rely only on mechanics to keep their young drivers safe.

Parents are urged to also limit the number of passengers their teens are allowed to have in their vehicles. According to a recent study, passengers can be more distracting than many other factors, which could cause the teen motorist to lose track of the road ahead.

Parents who stipulate rules to their teen drivers are encouraged to set up a contract with their kids that will also allow them to outline rules and penalties in case their children break the agreement. In some cases, taking away the car keys from your teen for breaking the rules you’ve stipulated could help to reinforce the importance of responsibility.

If you are a parent and your teen is about to get his or her first license, read the article linked below for more tips on how to keep your child safe.

10 tips for teen drivers and their parents