Self-Driving Cars Could Be Available Soon

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Self-driving cars have been a persistent idea hovering about the minds of car makers for 70 years and, according to the news, Google has reportedly proven that autonomous cars can be real.

Some convincing tests performed by these autonomous vehicles have been reviewed and the results are promising. The question now is whether or not the market is ready for this concept and whether or not drivers will want to surrender the wheel and allow a self-driving car to take over.

There are many advantages to self driving cars: greater safety, fuel economy and military endeavors. According to the news, these cars could be ready by 2025.

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Autonomous Cars Turning Into Reality

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Car safety has been a top priority of auto makers for a very long time. Ultimately, the modern automobile suffers certain damage due to human distractions and other factors that could be prevented if the driver were entirely focused on simply driving.

Because of that, engineers decided to dedicate themselves on coming up with autonomous cars, which is a reality that is now closer to us than ever. Through active and passive systems, auto makers are accounting for cars still driven by people and are slowly beginning to integrate autonomous cars into the picture.

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