Fisker Karma Disappoints, Consumer Reports Reported

October 1, 2012 by  
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The Fisher Karma, an extended-range electric car, has earned a failing grade from Consumer Reports, according to a series of reports.

Of all sedans reviewed and tested for safety, only three had lower scores. Besides many routine but annoying problems, this new model demonstrated issues with basic design and execution. Issues included poor dash controls, limited visibility, a cramped interior, awkward access into and out of the seats and even an engine that is noisy when running.

Experts have also revealed that drivers could become irritated with the long battery recharge times, and a small backseat and trunk. For a car that is retailing over $100,000, these many issues may seem unacceptable.

For more on the Consumer Reports take on the Fisker Karma, read the full article here:
Fisker Karma earns a failing grade from Consumer Reports


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