More Models Are Put To The 40-MPG Challenge

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Fuel economy is becoming increasingly important with the rise in gas prices soaring to all time highs, according to many articles.

The forty mile per gallon challenge is slowly opening itself up to more contenders. Just five years ago, there were only three cars that could make that trek and now, the playing field has expanded to twenty four different vehicles. Experts, however, believe that there are many vehicles that are advertised as being able to get 40 mpg but that cannot deliver when the time has come.

Because of that, specialists are testing the vehicles that promise 40 mpg and, according to the official reports, the results were quite disappointing.

The cars that were actually able to deliver the 40 mpg promise include the Chevrolet Sonic, the Hyundai Veloster, the Kia Rio 5, the Mazda 3i, the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Passat TDI. Amongst the most fuel efficient, the Passat TDI, the Mazda and the Focus are the models that have gone beyond what was promised.

Experts believe that these often affordable models of vehicles are less costly and fuel efficient precisely because they are aimed at the public that is struggling the most with the rising costs of gas. Experts say that out of all the fuel-efficient vehicles, the Chevy Sonic is one of the most fun-to-drive rides due to its lively handling.

Specialists also reported that the Veloster is the funkiest and the Mazda 3i is considered one of the vehicles with the most  eager driving dynamics of all fuel efficient models that are not hybrids.

Experts tested all of these vehicles by driving each one of them from Fontana, California, to Las Vegas through the Death Valley and they have arrived at the conclusion that, in the real world, all of the vehicles mentioned previously are able to achieve the 40 mpg mark without a problem, however, experts point out that because all of these models achieved the same overall fuel economy, it may not mean that all models are equally fuel-efficient. Specialists claim that these vehicles could experience different results if they are tested in different roads and conditions.

If you are looking into purchasing one of these vehicles and you’re still unsure about which model will save you the most yearly at the pump, experts advise you to compare their detailed report on the tests they have performed with each vehicle. By first defining exactly what type of general fuel economy you’re looking for in a car, you will be able to find a vehicle that meets your needs.

For the full list and test results, read the full article here:
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