New Buick LaCrosse Reviewed By Experts

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Reports show that the new Buick LaCrosse model has been unveiled and experts are now looking into talking about the 2013 model’s pros and cons.

According to one of the reviews, the 2013 LaCrosse is fully equipped with a hybrid engine that offers drivers a respectable fuel economy. The new model will surely please drivers who are looking into purchasing luxury vehicles that are also practical and quiet.

The car’s interior styling is sophisticated and recent crash tests also revealed that the new vehicle is also safe. The new model’s luggage space may feel somewhat cramped, however. Experts have said that the new model has a rearward visibility that may have been undermined by the vehicle’s design.

Despite the cons, the vehicle is overall a good option for drivers who want to purchase a stylish and economical sedan. For more detail, read the full review:

2013 Buick LaCrosse


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