Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Reviewed, Reports Are In

October 10, 2012 by  
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Volkswagen has produced a new Beetle model for the 2012 sales year and according to experts, this new model is nothing short of extraordinary.

The new Beetle convertible is sleek and modern and specialists say its curves are organic. Reports also shows that the convertible’s dome-shaped hood can be rolled back to produce a compact yet masculine car, which was a major change for the vehicle that has been known to be a favorite amongst the feminine crowd.

The new model has a 170 horsepower engine and costs less than $20,000, before features are added. Previous Beetles models have been also convertibles, and the current model is a return to an old style that never gets out of tune with the younger generation.

For more details on this new model, read the full article here:
Volkswagen Beetle Convertible is Back


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