Ambulances Recalled by NHTSA, Vehicles Could Suffer Electricity Flow Failure

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently indicated that multiple units of ambulances are being recalled over a possible power disconnect problem that could lead to an accident.

According to the federal agency, these vehicles were built on 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 chassis that may fail when it comes to maintaining the electricity flow due to the ambulance conversion. This problem could cause the warning lights and other important lights to stop functioning while the vehicle is carrying a patient. This problem could lead to an accident because the vehicle may have its siren and bright lights stop functioning abruptly. To prevent a crash, the company Road Rescue claimed that all units of affected products are being repaired by Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc. in order to maintain patients, emergency staff and drivers safe.

You can read more about this recall by following this link. Act promptly.

Many California drivers have been the victims of accidents caused by recalled vehicles. Whenever your car is listed under a recall, act promptly to have this issue promptly repaired. Act fast and prevent accidents.


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