Consumers Look For Car Safety Information In Social Media Websites

A recent article indicated that social media websites could be a great source of information regarding car safety.

According to a study carried out by the Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business, consumers prefer to look for information they can find easily online. Consumers usually rely heavily on reviews written or reported by consumers when it comes to vehicles and how reliable and safe they are. Researchers also found that traditional Internet media along newer formats such as social media tools have been making the exchange of reviews and product information more free and detailed.

Automakers have been looking more into these reviews to learn more about how they can develop vehicles that will strike a nerve with consumers who have complained about their vehicles in the past. Hopefully, these tools will continue to help consumers make better-informed decisions.

Experts have reported that a new system could help consumers to discover information regarding vehicle defects and recalls easily that could also be a great tool for consumers looking into learning more about how safe and reliable certain vehicles can be.

For more on this new system and how social media could help consumers to make better decisions, click here for the full report.


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