Could Honda’s Recent Recalls Damage The Company’s Reputation?

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Multiple news agencies have been reporting on the several recalls associated with Honda vehicles in the past week. According to some of the reports, three different recalls affected 1.7 million cars across the Unites States.

Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also decided to investigate issues associated with other Honda models, which could lead to a new recall announcement affecting minivans and SUVs. If federal agents unveil mechanical defects associated with the cars being investigated, a recall will be issued for over 600,000 Honda vehicles.

Last year, Honda was the automaker to recall the most vehicles in the U.S. market. During 2011, Honda recalled 15.5 million cars. About 3.8 million of them were Acura luxury cars. The last recalls announced last week accounted for about 45% of all vehicles recalled last year by the Japanese automaker.

At this moment, market analysts have been reporting that the company should be worried that these recalls could have an impact on how the public sees the company’s products. The list of recalls and the great number of vehicles affected could damage the company’s traditional reputation for producing some of the auto industry’s highest-quality vehicles.

The first recall issued by Honda and the NHTSA was associated with CR-Vs over an issue that could lead to a fire since the driver’s window switch could be responsible for a fire even if the car is turned off. Then, Honda warned consumers that Honda Accords and Acura TL sedans could also pose fire risks. Reports show that 573,417 vehicles were affected by this particular recall. Just a few days after the second recall, Honda announced another recall for 820,000 Pilot SUVs and Civic over headlight problems.

Earlier in 2012, Honda issued a recall of several vehicles over the same problem, which affected 550,000 units. At this moment, the NHTSA decided to launch an investigation on 577,000 vehicles because of an issue with the cars’ shift interlock, which could lead to a failure that would lead the car to roll away unexpectedly. Vehicles being investigated include Honda Pilot SUVs and Odyssey minivans.

A report associated with cars rolling away involved a man whose leg was crushed while trying to keep the vehicle from rolling away.

At this moment, Honda is still recovering from the poor reception several models of the company’s vehicles have been receiving. Experts believe that these recent recalls could push consumers to look into their other options before choosing to purchase any Honda models, which could turn out to be catastrophic for the Japanese automaker.

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