Owners Set Against Carmakers Over Post-Recall Issues

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, once a car has been recalled, that specific recall is effective for as long as the manufacturer is in business and parts are available.

A major problem once the car is repaired is that if something else happens to the vehicle and the issue is associated with the same problem that led to the recall, the car manufacturer is no longer liable for the repairs. This has proven to be an issue for many car owners lately who disagree with this practice and hope to see auto dealers assuming more responsibility when it comes to making sure their vehicles are fully repaired.

In many cases, proving that the defect that caused the car to break down the second time around can be quite difficult to prove and because of that, car owners get stuck with the bill. After a recent GM recall regarding 3.8-liter V6s, for an instance, a woman reportedly experienced two fires related to the recall issue. One of the fires happened after the vehicle had been repaired.  According to the news, a man took his 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP to the GM dealership to have repair work done after the vehicle was recalled. Three years after the vehicle had been reportedly fixed, the vehicle caught fire while it was parked at his work’s parking lot.

Since the state statutes of limitations usually allow the consumer to make a claim within a certain length of time and proving that the recall repair had something to do with the fire may take a long time to determine, the car owner simply decided to skip on doing anything regarding this issue.

A spokesperson for GM claimed that too often, fires can be caused by several factors like the age of the vehicle in question and how often its engine is maintained. The spokesperson also claimed that to determine whether a subsequent problem was caused by an issue associated with the same recall issue, the car owner must work with the dealership where his or her car was repaired to discover if the fire was caused by an issue that occurred during the repair procedure.

Unfortunately, issues with recalled cars happen too often. Car owners prefer to give up instead of losing money and time by trying to make sense of just what they are capable of doing legally to have their investment or vehicle back.

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Post-Recall Problems Pit Owners Against Carmakers


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